Robert Govett (1813-1901)

Robert Govett was a brilliant English pastor. He was a fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. Here is what other learned men have said of him.

"Mr. Govett wrote a hundred years before his time, and the day will come when his works will be treasured as sifted gold." - Charles H. Spurgeon

"One of the profoundest [works on Revelation] that I know of is the work of Robert Govett. My own opinion is that he brings to his interpretation a more thorough knowledge of the Scriptures in their bearing on the last book of the Bible than any other writer of his generation." - Dr. Wilbur M. Smith

"Few men could equal Govett for originality of thought. He also possessed a well-ordered, disciplined mind. He could trace a theme through Scripture with unerring logic." - Dr. Cyril J. Barber, The Minister's Library